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You’ve got questions, and we’ve got answers!

If you have other questions, please feel free to give us a call today!

Is time for setup included in the price?We never make you pay for setup or takedown of our equipment.  In most cases we arrive 30-45 minutes prior to your scheduled start time and will be set up and playing music before the guests arrive – unless you specifically request otherwise.

Do you take breaks? From the scheduled start time to the scheduled end time we will never stop the music to take a break.

Do we get to choose the music for our event? We have had clients choose all the music from start to finish and clients to leave the music selection completely up to us.  We recommend a list of “must play” songs and “play if possible” songs.  This way there will be plenty of time for special requests from your guests as well as DJ selections.  You may also wish that we do not take requests from your guests.  This is your event and we want to make it exactly what you want!

Can we have a “Don’t Play List”? Sometimes the do not play list is equally as important as the request list.  Any specific song or genre you definitely don’t want to hear, put it on the do not play list.  Don’t feel as though we must play the chicken dance or the hokey pokey.  If you don’t want it – we won’t play it.  And rest assured, if a guest requests a song on your do not play list, it won’t be played.

What if we want a song you do not have? Part of the must play list is making sure we have every song on the list ready to play.  If we don’t have it, we’ll get it.  It’s as simple as that.

Can you provide ceremony music?  How much extra is it? We can provide all the music for your entire event.  You will have the opportunity to preview our selections and make your choices at your pre-event consultation meeting.  We have many variants of the traditional favorites for all sorts of ceremony types.

There is no extra charge from ceremony music outside of our regular hourly rates.

Do have an area of the Web site where we can login and edit our play lists and other information? We know that we are immersed in the age of technology, and we won’t be falling behind.  However, we feel that it is important to discuss your event in person, or if not that’s possible, over the phone.  We have been in this industry for many years and may have suggestions or comments on the questions you have.  Also, interacting with your DJ is a wonderful way to ensure that your event will be exactly how YOU want it.

How loud is the music? One of the biggest complaints bands and Disc Jockeys receive is that the music is too loud.  Don’t worry – it doesn’t have to be that way.  During the cocktail and dinner hours the music will be set at a comfortable level.  Background music should be just that – in the background.  When it’s time to dance, if possible, the speakers will be adjusted to give the dance floor the maximum sound while the rest of the room can still engage in conversation.  Of course, at any time, if YOU feel that the music is too loud – or too quiet – let us know and adjustments will be made.  This is your event after all!

Do you have backup equipment? We want your event to be perfect.  We keep some extra equipment with us at all times – extra light bulbs, cords, cables, etc.  We have backup equipment at the office if something major were to happen.  However, we pride ourselves on maintaining our equipment at the highest levels. We consistently rotate equipment each month. We do NOT rely on some designated “backup rack” sitting collecting dust somewhere.

How interactive are your DJ’s? 
A very familiar question! Often times when a prospective client is looking for the perfect DJ they search for one who fits the level of interaction they’re looking for, whether it be conservative or outgoing. We actually let you decide how much interaction you would like. We can be conservative, outgoing, or anywhere in between. Exact details are discussed in detail during your pre-event meeting.  We try to be only as interactive as necessary to keep your guests having a good time on the dance floor.  In any case, you’ll never hear one of our DJs yelling, screaming, or even singing over the microphone. Even at our most outgoing level, we still remain totally professional and never steal the spotlight!

Can we meet the DJ before booking? 
There is nothing more comforting than knowing exactly what to expect.  From performance to equipment, all of our DJs and systems are virtually identical. All our DJ’s use similar systems and music libraries.  Typically DJs are assigned at random to events when booked. From that point, you can work with your specific DJ every step of the way, having plenty of opportunity to share with him or her exactly how you’d like your event to proceed. Have peace of mind because never will a complete stranger show up at your event!

Can we request a specific DJ?
Ahhhh, requesting a DJ is maybe the highest form of DJ flattery.  If you have seen one of our DJ’s in action or by reputation want to request a DJ for your event we’ll be glad to do our best to accommodate you! However, requested DJs can not be guaranteed by contract.

What happens if our DJ gets sick or something? Sometimes we wish DJ’s were super-human and would never be affected by illness or injury.  However, that is just a wish.  If something were to happen to the DJ scheduled for your event we would notify you as soon as possible.  We would send another of our experienced DJ’s to your event.  If possible, we will arrange a meeting with you and the “replacement DJ” before your event.  We also will have all the information for your event on file – all the song lists, special instructions, and anything else pertaining to your event so the DJ will arrive informed and ready to go.

How far will you travel? We travel to pretty much all of Southeast MO and Southern IL. NEVER a travel charge.

Do we sign a contract? Absolutely. Our contract is straightforward and written in plain English so that you can understand the terms before signing. It is signed by both parties and offers you a high level of protection and dependability. With the contract you can be assured that there will be no hidden extra charges or surprises at your event. The signed contract and deposit officially reserves your date and of course an executed copy will be sent to you for your records. If you have any questions or concerns about the terms, just ask!

Do the DJ’s expect tips?
We charge a professional rate for a professional service. This means you won’t see a tip jar on our table. As with all professional services, if at the end of the night you feel the DJ has surpassed your expectations and you want to tip him or her, we would accept it as the utmost compliment.

Should we feed the DJ? One of our most popular questions! The answer is completely up to you. With setup and takedown time, we’ll often be at your event for nearly 8 hours. Our only request is that you let us know either way ahead of time. This way we can stop and pick something up along the way, if necessary. If you choose to provide a meal for the DJ, we’d greatly appreciate it. We suggest not including us in your count since usually at least one guest doesn’t show. But don’t worry if you’re working on a tight budget because there is no meal clause of any kind in our contract!

What is the deposit and when is final payment due? We require $100 deposit and signed contract to reserve the date.  The final payment of the remaining balance is due 30 days (4 weeks) prior to your event date.  We will gladly accept your check or money order.  Once the music is paid for, that’s one less you will have to think about before your event.  A signed contract is not indicative of a guaranteed date.  It must be accompanied by a $100 deposit to hold your date and guarantee service.  Contracts and deposits are accepted and considered executed on a first-received, first executed basis.

How early should we book? Simply put – the sooner the better.  Some of the popular dates can and do book as far a year or more in advance.  We recommend that you are prepared to sign a contract as early as 8 – 12 months before.  However, depending on availability, some dates may be available up to a month before.  So whenever your event is, it doesn’t hurt to check our availability.

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